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Schoolgirl Style™ Simply Stylish Welcome Bulletin Board Set

Product Number: CD-110413
Give your classroom style that inspires with a creative bulletin board display.Create an inviting classroom with the 9-piece ...



Give your classroom style that inspires with a creative bulletin board display.

Create an inviting classroom with the 9-piece Simply Stylish Welcome Bulletin Board. This set includes these pieces:

  • 7 pennants (11.4" x 11.5")
  • 2 succulents (smallest 7.8" x 8.3", largest 8.3" x 7.9")

The Simply Stylish Collection features classic patterns, wood elements, and succulent designs that create an environment where students love to learn and grow.

Schoolgirl Style’s™ line of trendy classroom accessories helps to take the guesswork out of styling and managing classroom design. Each collection, designed by Melanie Ralbusky, offers a signature look that will transform empty spaces into extraordinary spaces for students to enjoy. The variety of décor options in the Schoolgirl Style™ collection makes it possible for anyone to design and decorate classrooms that inspire learning and joy!


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